Lord –

You are my Architect and Craftsman – make me suitable in your sight for the work you have set before me to accomplish for your Kingdom. You have known me – even knitting me together in my mother’s womb in the secret place. You chose my parents and assigned them to me because you needed their specific characteristics to design what was necessary to complete your work in a desired and specific season. You designed my personality, my talents and spiritual gifts to your liking.When you completed making me you said, It is good and set me out into the world to become who you desired me to be.When I accepted the sacrifice of your Son as payment for my sin debt, your breath entered my body. My spirit became activated,  made alive by Your Spirit.

Allow me Father to not lay any other Foundation other than the foundation of your Son – let not my work be considered for naught because I have not put your Son first. When my work is less profitable and even frustrating, I look to you and remember that you think of me, and that you have plans for me and that your plans are for my welfare and for my peace and not for evil. You will give me hope in my final outcome.

I ask that my final outcome be to have accomplished the purpose, plan and destiny that you have set before me. When I finish the race, as my Chief Architect, you will look at this creation and  I will hear you say  ‘ Well done, my good and faithful servant.  In you I am well pleased.’

Prayers of Grace-
Tracy Gatewood
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