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Heavenly Father,

I praise you and thank you for this day. Your Spirit is my true Advocate, my Teacher and the One that leads and guides me into all good things. Your Spirit is the one true compass and true Oracle. Your Spirit is the one that releases favor.  I am grateful for the relationships and divine appointments that you have allowed to intersect with me and encounter during this season. Your ways are perfect, O Lord,  as are your times and seasons.

Because I walk righteously and speak uprightly – I do not seek to oppress nor defraud, nor do I seek bribes and I shut my eyes to evil – you will set my feet high upon the heights,  while rewarding me, when needed,  with a fortress hidden among the rocks. You will provide my bread of prosperity and my water will be sure.

As I place the Helmet of Salvation and hope on my head to guard my mind, I have a confident expectation of good for every situation, praising you for my wholeness, restoration, financial protection and deliverance from all evil. I ask for the undelayed manifestation of every blessing given to Abraham as a joint heir of his covenant with you which has been purchased by the precious blood of Jesus Christ my Lord.

I am consumed with the cross of Christ and have been crucified in Christ therefore I am always set above and I am never beneath. I have dominion over every evil thing.

Prayers of Grace –
Tracy Gatewood

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