About Tracy Gatewood


As a marketplace professional, writing actually found me following an EF-4 tornado that almost destroyed my city in 2011. What I was seeing unfold simply screamed for documentation, compelling me to write my thoughts while watching a tragic movie unfold in real time. My earliest articles are what I believe the Lord was showing through His personal lens, most of which pertain to the Church, and the protective Blood of Jesus.

For 20 years I have studied healing and in particular emotional healing – negative emotions and their impact on the human body. Many of my articles have a focus on ’emotional management’ (fear, condemnation, anxiety, trauma). Jesus and His sacrifice have paved the way for our healing in partnership with His Holy Spirit.

I have navigated serious valleys yet been led out and to the other side, by the Spirit of Grace. What I write about – I have walked out. A trained Intercessor and bible teacher, I love the intentional, committed practice of prayer and there are many blog posts under this topic.

Thank you for reading my Sacred Ramblings. 

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Author: Doorways of Grace: My Uncommon Journey to Healing, Wholeness and Meeting Jesus
Recommended Reading:  A More Excellent Way, Dr. Henry Wright

1 thought on “About Tracy Gatewood”

  1. Good writing, Tracy! Greg forwarded me the Equip the Bride article….really good, “on target”! Thanks for your heart for “the body”…
    Many blessings sent your way,


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