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Almighty God –

I am comforted in knowing that you are always with me – going before me, carrying a lantern of hope to light my path. When my soul becomes fearful, I direct my gaze unto Jesus and remind myself that I am your Beloved and that you are the One that can be trusted.   Jesus is the embodiment of your love for me.

I hate Fear and understand that protracted fear gives my mind entrance to the enemy.  I take my authority over the spirit of fear binding it and commanding it to leave my mind in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus.  Fear has no right to any place within my mind, body or my environment and will not be allowed to trespass.  I pray for a sprinkling of the holy blood of Jesus over my mind to cleanse it from all fearful and unrighteous thoughts.  As an act of my will, I forgive every person that has harmed  me (Name them) or is harming me  (Name them)  and the action of forgiveness will shut the door to tormenting thoughts. Lord, forgive ME of my fear of man – or any  unfounded fear that keeps me from your assignment on my life.

When  I dwell in your Secret Place I can remain stable and fixed under your Shadow. You are my Rock and my Refuge. You are my Strength and an impenetrable Shield. Whom shall I fear ? I will be a protected spectator kept safely in the Secret Place and will witness the reward of attempts of wickedness towards me.

Father,  I pray that you will shine the light on the places that I respond with Fear so that I can learn to turn and trust. Grow my roots of faith to become more firmly planted and established  in your Son.

Prayers of Grace –
Tracy Gatewood

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