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This morning I awoke to the breaking story by BBC News that all of Northern Italy, 16 million people including the city of Milan, is now under quarantine due to the coronavirus. This quarantine includes the closing of gyms, schools, museums and other venues across the nation of Italy and will be in effect until April 3. It is my sincere hope that the United States will be able to avoid such measures but not without a dramatic shift in how the information is being communicated and also being received by many in the American public.

The word Corona is the Latin word for Crown which comes from the Greek word Korone meaning ‘wreath or garland’. We know a Crown sits atop a person’s head in designation of a title or leadership role of great importance – specifically to someone that holds an Office. A Crown denotes a mark of Royalty – a royal office – set apart for a person that is born into a royal bloodline or one that marries into a royal bloodline.

There is certainly nothing Royal about a virus however when I see or speak or write the word ‘Corona’ I am training my mind to default from apprehension over to KING Jesus. Jesus is my King, and He is King over every contagion or pestilence. Jesus holds the OFFICES of High Priest and Mediator of the eternal covenant. I visualize Jesus wearing His crown of glory which draws me immediately to remembrance of His authority over all for which He carried upon the cross through His body; every sickness, disease, illness, germ or infirmity. The visual Crown also reminds me of God’s infinite and immutable love and that because I am in Christ through the acceptance of His son, God Himself is devoted to my protection. The Commander of the Angel Armies watches over me.

Psalm 103:4 Who redeems my life from the pit and corruption, Who beautifies, dignifies and crowns me with loving-kindness and tender mercy –
Psalm 91:3 For then He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.
Psalm 91:5-6 You shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day, nor of the deadly pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the sudden death and destruction that surprises and lays waste at noon day.

I personally have lived through a protracted season of fear and witnessed first hand, the dangerous consequences and the toll it took on my mind, body and life overall. Fear, and its associated demons; dread, anxiety, worry, terror, and trauma, attracts and magnetizes the demonic, frequently with life altering consequences. Minimally, fear creates distractions away from our goals and destinies, delaying and derailing God’s best in our lives. Fear is always from the enemy – it is the red carpet on which all other negative, unrighteous thoughts, ideas and suggestions stride into and throughout the mind. We must remain always cognizant that we are a people of FAITH which means we remain calm and stable despite not actually being able to see a result. #stableandfixed

This does not mean that good common sense goes out the window – take the proper natural precautions that you know to do and give God the praise as He lays His ‘Super’ over your ‘Natural’. For example: If you had financial issues, you would not stop working and expect God to drop money out of the sky – you continue to work. Pray that the blessings promised to Abraham by covenant will manifest through your diligence. Pray against hindrances and delays of your finances. When standing against this virus, speak aloud applying the blood of Jesus over yourself and family then remind yourself daily Who really wears that Corona – the Crown. Pray daily Psalm 91 as well as take the Lord’s Supper and Wash Those Hands; the natural part.  God is with you.

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The Process of A Process

For the past few months I have had this unsettled feeling in my spirit that comes as part and parcel when I embark on the process of transition. I am feeling that it is time for a change, a move, a desire to go to something else.

One day this week as I was waking up in bed, and just as the sun was beginning to rise up and claim the morning, I began to ponder these unsettled feelings. As my mind began to track back through this decade and then rewind through previous decades,  I noticed something interesting, well at least interesting to me.  Since growing into adulthood, with every single change in a decade, I have moved to another city, and typically to another state. I have undergone many of my life’s most profound seasons of change while journeying through the ‘9’ and into the ‘0’ .  1) From an Alabama high school senior to Virginia-bound college freshman,  2) a career upgrade requiring a move from Alabama to Atlanta, 3) freshly single and broken in Atlanta to single yet still alive returning back to Alabama, 4) then 10 years later single and broken again (not marriage related!) and still in Alabama with a return to my hometown, and now this new decade (still single ha!) but strong, self employed and now stabilized in a foundation built upon Christ Jesus.

This week, I was reading a book on the life of King David. One of the chapters went to great lengths to show the process that David went through before God opened the door for him to become King. Even (and especially after) David became Israel’s second King, he continued to experience trial after trial. He was trained through so many trials that when he encountered his most serious they did not consume. We all know that David was by no means perfect but undeniably a great leader possessing a connection to God as His Beloved, that was and may still be unmatched. Only God knows this but throughout the process, David strengthened himself in the Lord and no other. This is a great lesson for all of us.

As I move through life, I see there are no shortcuts; neither in business nor in ministry nor apparently as David’s life illustrates, in kingdom management. Its all process, process, process. My life compared to King David, although not without some steep almost vertical degrees of difficulty, has been by comparison, simple. David got an early start as a giant killer and in doing so got an early leg up to be groomed for a great destiny. Despite being raised in the church, I was a late bloomer to Jesus and to the understanding of true faith. How I wish I had not lost those precious years circling in the weeds of life, unaware that there was a divine GPS to guide me along a righteous path but again I say – it’s a process, and don’t let anyone convince you  differently. There is no microwave growth in Christianity – its water, son-light and roots growing deeper and deeper and deeper into the verdant soil of the Divine.

I have noticed that doors, particularly meaningful spiritual doors, swing open on just one or two hinges. These doors cannot be pushed, kicked or broken down – these doors swing wide with no known pressure. Again reflecting on David, he was thought the least of Jesse’s sons and was not even presented to Samuel. David was out in the field, diligently doing his job, minding the sheep and BOOM – a life changing encounter came out of nowhere, an encounter undeniably from the hand of God.

And the word of the Lord came to Nathan (the prophet) saying –
11 Samuel 7:8-9  So now say this to my servant David, “Thus says the Lord of hosts: I took you from the pasture, from following the sheep, to be prince over My people. And I was with you where you went, and have cut off all your enemies from before you; and I will make you a great name like that of the great men of the earth.”

Some of the most important opportunities that have come my way, those of which I can take no credit, have emerged from out of the blue.  These “doorways of grace” glided open easily with no striving, occurring only in their proper time and season. There was no planning, foresight or known cause for God’s invisible, provident breath to blow these doors of opportunity open wide. But there is something of importance to note: When these doors swing open we must be ready to move as they are on a hinge that snaps back and will slam like that old wood frame screen door on your grandmothers house. Whap!  I can still hear that door slamming closed on a few opportunities that I did not walk through due to fear, self doubt and over thinking but because of the goodly nature of God – I, like you, can rest in His second chances.

Not typically associated with “fun”, the process of being in the process is certainly punctuated with times of enjoyment but rarely would anyone describe the work involved as “fun”.  “Fun” relates to entertainment – if being constantly entertained is what it took to become great then one would not have to journey through “a process” to arrive. Entertainment is typically reserved for endeavors that engage the soul on a surface level but never engage with the spirit – as it takes The Spirit to successfully navigate The Process. Are you still with me ?

As I write this on the first day of the year and even a new decade, I remain expectant of what and where the process will take both you and me. As we look backward to 2010 and consider where we have come – remain encouraged. I am not where I wish to be but definitely have made significant progress in the 10 years spent (some would consider) in this wilderness, a place where I never desired to grow content or become familiar. When I look in the mirror I am reminded that although “my youth is being renewed as the eagles” those eagles are definitely older eagles – I’m no eaglet!  But God has given me a greater peace for the process. Perhaps this is to become my desire for 2020 that I wish for you and for me: Peace.

Happy New Year!

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