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Jesus and Thorns

Fear University
Session #7 

ALL Christians have the ability to self-deliver from mental and physical illness and disease through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. 

In August 2010, I had a very unexpected technicolor encounter arriving special delivery via Holy Spirit showing Jesus on the cross, as He revealed to me that His work was indeed finished. Wide awake, I watched as Jesus gave up His own Spirit, signifying that He gave it up of His own will (dismissing His Spirit) and did so when He was ready.  His life was not taken from Him, but His work was complete. Since that time,  I have inched my way forward through teaching, writing and learning more about this grace but have also been impacted mostly by the healing component of grace.

God’s Healing Generals: Oral Roberts, T.L. Lowery, Lester Sumrall, Amy Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, John G. Lake and Smith Wigglesworth transferred their powerful healing anointing into people in need. These are the selfless greats that worked diligently to heal thousands for God. The utilization of saints to impart healing miracles still works today but by God’s grace, the revelation has come to light that the Healer Himself lives inside each of us who accepts Jesus as Savior and it is God’s Holy Spirit that will do His work from the inside out. God’s Spirit can hold His own internal Camp Meeting on your behalf.

When Jesus exchanged his life for your life on a cross at Calvary, He purchased for you an eternal covenant that included divine healing and the right to good physical health and a sound mind. In my observation, almost all health issues generate in the mind and flow to the body.  People sin and can give legal right to a spirit of disease and infirmity.  You must understand that God works through a legal process using blood as the currency of Heaven. When Jesus shed His blood for you, His blood was infinitely more valuable than the blood of any Old Testament sacrificed animal. His death and resurrection was required to be your once and for all sacrifice.

Through the actual process used to redeem sin through Jesus, He accepted the assignment to go through a horrific scourging before He was put on the cross. A crown of thorns was shoved onto His head, mocking Him as King of the Jews. Every place that blood poured from Jesus’ body purchased our legal right from God to be free from the penalty of death by sin from the beginning of our life to the end. We can be healed and walk in health; mind and body because of the scourging of His body.  To embrace the concept of what Jesus did for us is fairly simple – but the hardest part is having the faith to believe that it works.

When a person accepts Christ, his/ her spirit comes alive or is activated. The Holy Spirit takes up residence within and assumes His role as Comforter, Counselor, Teacher, Helper and Healer. He is also the Administrator and Coordinator of all of the gifts. When the Holy Spirit sets up shop within you – a whole host of marvelous things can now unfold, not the least of these is calling upon Him as Healer to apprehend spirits that cause emotional / mental concerns as well as physical. (Cancer is a demonic spirit and by and through the grace established through Jesus, a person may be delivered.)

Through your authority in Jesus, your body, when spoken over,  must submit to the Spirit even down to the cellular level for your health.  You can actually speak to your systems (immune, metabolic, etc), chemicals (commanding hormones, etc to align), organs to calibrate to normal levels.  You can release a command, even a decree to your mind and body to align with God’s perfect will in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus. Most people will think this is crazy.  Most certainly, there are doctors called into God’s service to tend to His people as healing missionaries, but none of them can conduct a creative miracle or a healing miracle  – these only occur through God’s Spirit.

Mark 3:27AMP
But no one can go into a strong man’s house and ransack his household good’s right and left and seize them as plunder unless he first binds the strong man; then indeed he may thoroughly plunder his house.

If you are ready to plunder physical and mental/ emotional disease and infirmity, the first step is identifying then binding the offender. All emotions are spirit based: fear, condemnation, panic attacks, bitterness, jealousy, trauma, anxiety, depression. Life for us mere mortals can become extremely challenging, bringing with it legitimate reasons to experience any of the above but it is when these initial responses continue on for days, into weeks or worse, turn into months or years, is when there is a demonic component and we must stop, then take notice and action.  Redirecting our minds back into proper alignment through reading the word of God and understanding His deep, immutable love and grace, dismantling the house of the Strong man (binding) and acknowledging the work of Jesus Christ, arrests the demonic and produces freedom. When you pray,  pray like you have the rights of ownership because you do by His blood. Pray like you own the title deed to your healing because you do.

It is important for those with understanding to pray for others. Many Christians do not feel good enough or adequate to take this step. You can pray for someone despite your failings, or any shortcomings. Don’t let satan convince that you are an unworthy vessel. You were made clean through the power of the cross of Christ once and for all. There are natural consequences of sin, no doubt, but your spirit is totally clean and pure. Do not allow yourself to get down into condemnation or false teaching on this topic. We connect with God with our spirit to His Spirit.

Each day focus on the loveliness of Jesus, His purity, His beauty and His perfect, unyielding love for you. Speak to Him and ask Him to transform your mind, calibrating it to His mind of perfect peace, of love, of tranquility. Fix your eyes and thoughts squarely on Jesus. By elevating your mind above your health and healing needs, concentrating on Him relieves burdens and breaks yokes in ways we cannot through our own thoughts and self analysis.

Jesus bore your sickness, disease, infirmities and emotions on the cross so that you would be free. Live free.

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