I  have written a 6 part series entitled Fear University which has posted to my Facebook Page: Tracy Gatewood Christian Writer Teacher. There will be a 7th post to complete the series. This post was of such length I wanted to share with my WordPress followers.

Fear University
Lesson #6

Jesus came to give of Himself in many ways but most notably as personal example of the love of the Father. Through His death, He removed the penalty of sin and reclaimed the Covenant benefits that were promised to Abraham and all people that believe on Him. During His sentencing and crucifixion, death and resurrection, Jesus incurred a scourging that purchased for us through every lash, healing from disease and infirmities. Isaiah 53:5 AMP states, “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement (needful to obtain) peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes (that wounded) Him we are healed and made whole”. This is literal and real.

Because Jesus’ body has paid the penalty, and has purchased and redeemed your own body, you have every right to claim your good health and if necessary, stand for your healing. Please notice I did not say “fight” for your healing – we are to stand to withstand evil. Standing requires prayer – this way your “dukes” are up in the spiritual realm and not out in front of you.

I have studied healing for 20 years and through this journey have personally experienced divine healing on three separate occasions of medically documented illnesses including degenerative disc disease, early stage arthritis in my hip joint, and a virus that turned into 5 years of tinnitus / vertigo/ debilitating headaches plus numerous small, pesky brief sicknesses. I have read and studied much through this journey. Notably, The Bible, F.F. Bosworth’s, Christ the Healer, and Andrew Murray’s , The Blood of Jesus, have each been preeminent. Another stand out work penned by author and physician Dr. Henry Wright, entitled “A More Excellent Way”, galvanized the theory that almost every disease has a spiritual root cause.

There is a direct and inextricable connection between the mind and the body. The combination of Fear / Anxiety / Stress is Enemy #1 to the physical body. Stress is just another name for fear. We should say, “I am so “feared-out” rather than so “stressed-out”. Fear is the foundational root cause of many diseases and I submit the following: heart failure, congestive heart disease, impaired cognitive function, arthritis, colitis, Crohn’s, joint inflammation, some allergies, and many more. The list of disease caused by fear is as diverse as the list of fears causing the diseases: Abandonment, Shame, Fear of Man, Abuse, Rejection, Fear of the unknown, Failure, etc. Condemnation and Trauma hold a very, very close second place and some would argue that Condemnation is #1 and actually somedays I can agree with that but most of my observation of disease is based in a root of fear.

Another essential to understanding fear and its relation to health is that FEAR is sin, and that protracted fear will open the door to the demonic, allowing “legal right” to the spirit of fear. By faith, leaning your entire personality on God, in His trust, mercy and goodness while fixing your eyes on Jesus with knowledge of His restoring love for you, and knowledge of the word while speaking it aloud are extremely powerful tools in the healing toolbox to build a protective covering around your body and mind. But there is one more: the very best and most effective tool is the daily taking of the Lord’s Supper while properly discerning the body of Jesus Christ. You are actually ingesting the body and the blood of Jesus to activate His work in and throughout you. Nothing is more powerful.

Please understand that no disease is caused by God or willed by God onto you. Disease is never used to induce suffering so a person can become closer to God. This theology, which is commonly practiced, is in error. If God wills for us to suffer then why did He send His Son to the cross to suffer an agonizing death to free us from the bonds of disease and infirmity? When we accept that God induces suffering it is basically telling Jesus that what He did for us was of no use and for no reason. We must stand on the word and the finished work of Jesus. ‪#‎finishedworkofthecross‬

I have written in much depth regarding healing and the cross in my book, Doorways of Grace.  ‪#‎FearNot

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