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The Apostles and Jesus
Sunday morning in response to the appeal on 21martyrs.com, I prayed for the persecuted church and Christians around the world that are falling into the hands of extremist murderers.  My big question to God was, Where are the Apostles? Where is Apostle Peter, Where is Apostle Paul, Where is Apostle John – We need them, What would they do in this situation? If they don’t show up, I’m yelling, “Come Lord Jesus and Come …. Now! ” Anybody out there with me?

Where are modern day Apostles; global Generals of The Church of Jesus to condemn these practices, and convene other leaders of the Church for calls to action as its people and churches are under attack by these devils? Where is the voice for the zero tolerance on these atrocities by Christians worldwide? We need our global Christian leaders with Apostolic callings that hear from the Holy Spirit to step forward to devise effective global solutions, partner with governments and lead the spiritual sectors of the world. The Church can no longer function  where it simply prioritizes Small Group member numbers and volunteer headcounts as their primary focus.

I’m not a prophet, but I do have an educated theory that Satan has unleashed these devils at this time upon the earth because he too believes that Jesus’ return is very close. These tyrannical practices of murdering Christians are a last ditch effort to subdue the earth. I further believe that this outpouring of evil fueled by Satan is occurring as a direct reaction to the preaching of the gospel of Grace that is pouring across the entire world. Grace is the true gospel message based on the Love of God for all mankind, and the power held in the sacrifice of Jesus; in His body and His blood. The true Gospel is built on the foundation of the blood of Jesus and not in identity or performance. The blood of Jesus simply enrages Satan. I guess by now he has read the end of The Book.

Every church in the world can be engaging in weekly, Jesus-focused, unified prayer over these atrocities. God responds to the prayers of His people – He is Listening. Prayer is the most powerful source of communication that we have as Believers. Praying back these devils and showing gratitude to Jesus who by His blood and mercy, has put ALL demonic power under His feet. Jesus has provided His people with the same authority and devices to put these forces out of business by using the creative power and understanding given by the Holy Spirit. Are we listening to the Spirit on what to do? I have to believe He is Speaking.

Every church in the world can have an ISIS / Extremists line item in their budget to earmark toward prayer rallies, funds for refugees, and programs like Congressman Frank Wolf’s Wilberforce Initiative. The combined Protestant and Catholic churches have practically limitless financial resources and human capital if we can agree together on objectives that will have the strongest impact and stop depending upon the governments of the world to figure it out. For the moment, we need global Christian leaders to step forward that have the power, the influence and the courage to convene other Christian leaders and all Christian people around the world. I can call them out in this article however I will let the Holy Spirit speak to them individually and in His own way, but we as Christians know who they are across the globe.

Anti-Christ is a spirit and we are watching in real time this demonic spirit seduce people into believing that crucifying children, repeatedly raping women and beheading men for their beliefs is justified. We watch as they overtake city’s, regions and soon nations. To date, the nation of Israel has not been overrun by these devils. These enemies will know they will get their teeth kicked in when they cross Israel’s borders, and will be in for the fight of their existence. The United States must send aid to Israel to fight these extremists. In case you need an idea, sending Israel money to combat terrorism is another objective that can be considered under your church’s budget line item of Extremists. Israel will need aid and lots of it to fight this accursed plague that is swarming its neighbors in the Middle East. Israel requires our support to win.

As a New Covenant intercessor, I am committing my prayer time and focus to the global Church, the Kingdom Government and all Apostolic Christian Leaders around the globe that will hear from the Spirit and move on their specific role in these final days of fortress building around the Saints and the innocents of the world. It’s time to move.

Tracy Gatewood

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