This book is a very personal account of my 17 year grace-filled journey in meeting Jesus, beginning first with an understanding of God as a loving Father, then meeting Holy Spirit and finally through a revelatory encounter that forever galvanized my relationship with the beautiful Son Himself. Through separation then divorce due to a spouse’s sexual addiction, a career change from business owner to ministry staffer, high income to no income, a move from a dynamic Southern city to a tornado-torn Alabama college town, each one of these situations played an important role in the experience.

It is my desire to show how a gracious and loving Father led through a series of wide open doors and supernatural seasons in which I badly needed things to happen that only He could do. Following several seasons of traumatic trial and testing, He placed me on a path to healing, hope and restoration. He did it for me and He will do it for you. You can be free of fear; learning to lean with confidence on your best friend and very own internal transformational leader; God’s Holy Spirit. Listening to the Spirit coupled with the disciplines of study, daily worship and intercessory prayer have greatly enriched my life and brought it to a higher dimension in understanding the Godhead.

The crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus’ head prior to His crucifixion drew blood from a Deity, purchasing our covenant right as Believers to emotional health and a sound, stable mind. His blood has afforded us the ability, through the Holy Spirit’s power, to be free of chronic fear and anxiety, condemnation, and depression or any other emotionally damaging condition. Emotional and physical freedoms were both purchased at the cross. Every person consecrated to God through His Son has been guaranteed the right and the ability to possess a mind calibrated to Jesus’ own mind. God is Jehovah Shalom. Shalom is defined as peace and wholeness, prosperity and welfare, one only needs to know how to access His peace and rest.

God is full of mercy and has great love for you. Jesus has set you free. Live free.


Tracy L. Gatewood