I have great peace in the decision by the Supreme Court regarding Roe, however I cannot help but be reminded of the tens of thousands of women each year that deal with and will continue to experience an unplanned pregnancy.

Many women have little to no frame of reference for what we as Christians understand and how we relate to God as Father, and as the One that intentionally and precisely knits us all for His purposes and for His own enjoyment. They have no understanding of God’s infinite and immutable love and how He moves forward in circumstances over time to work things out and turn things for good. Millions of women have no true understanding of God whatsoever so we must never lose sight of this fact as we move with compassion into these circles to explain the hope that is theirs for the taking. Many young women will view this decision as their lives being destroyed, all they have ever known is their right to have a choice.

As Pro-Life people, we can rejoice for today, but the true work begins immediately to assist the traumatized and suffering who will falsely believe that their lives are forever marked, and their plans and life purposes derailed.

Although I have never had children, nor have ever been pregnant (never had to terminate a pregnancy), I can clearly see how distressing this decision could be for any woman that finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy in this day and time. Most women must work for their own survival, and to provide for another one or more, could feel like a personal death sentence.

This is a critical, even essential time for the Church to move in quickly and establish strong support systems for single pregnant women, as well as to support existing or to establish care centers for newborns who are given up for adoption. Foster parents must also move forward in great numbers over the next few years, and become front and center. There can be ZERO shame out of the Church regarding unplanned pregnancies.

Ladies, lay aside those Beth and Priscilla small group studies. It’s time to put hands to the reapers to assist in this important season of transition and healing of our nation. Not a time to preach or condemn, but to move in love – its harvest time.

Tracy Gatewood
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