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Then He was praying in a certain place (boldface mine) and when He stopped, one of His disciples said to Him,  ‘Lord!  Teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.’
Luke 11:1

To attempt to instruct on prayer without deferring and submitting to the Master Teacher would be the greatest disservice to anyone desiring to learn. Jesus’ teachings on prayer are foundational and after all, Who would have a better understanding? As the Chief Intercessor, He is now seated at the right hand of the Father and His primary role is to intercede on our behalf.

If you are on a sincere journey to understand more about prayer, I encourage you to stop now and pray to Jesus in humility, asking Him to open your eyes on what He wants you to learn regarding HIS practice. This will require you and me starting over and learning afresh with no preconceived notions, templates or agendas.  Today,  I ask Christ to begin unlocking the rich mysteries and treasuries of prayer for us each day while we are meeting together in prayer school.

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Luke 11:1
specifically mentions that Jesus was praying in a certain place –  our first duty will be to establish a place of quiet to commune with Jesus, to hear from Him, allow to be taught and thereby develop a trusting relational fellowship; one so close that you will hear and distinguish His voice. The goal is for you and for me to ABIDE and to learn to rest and perpetually DWELL in Him.

The unstated objective of prayer is having power with God more than men. This objective cannot be overstated nor minimized and prayer is what achieves this power. Powerful prayer moves mightily from a combination of relationship with Him and through our ever deepening revelation of the Father’s nature and characteristics. Christ is the Breath of Prayer and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Prayer and they together will lead and guide us. Jesus sees our hearts and therefore what He desires to accomplish in and through us as we submit to His leadership and ask Him to teach us to pray but we must be able to listen.

And when you pray, go into your (most) private room, and closing your door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret and the Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open. “  Matthew 6:6

God wants us to dwell or abide (spend time from a position of rest) with Him in the secret place – the place that delivers from the storms of life. This is THE place of protection; where one Abides in the Shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1) The Hebrew meaning of shadow is protection: from disease, terror, darkness, anything that comes against His children. Abiding with the Father is where you find true connection and will draw strength from Him. This only comes through acute focus on God, His Word and looking with expectation unto Jesus – the Covenant Son.

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But there is more, much more – His Spirit has been poured into your spirit so YOU now are the dwelling place of God, the Secret Place is YOUR spirit, secured by the death and resurrection of the Son. The Secret Place is contained by the boundaries of your spirit – the true secret place is deeply within where you sense or feel the faint movements of confirmation or His jolting warnings as He shows you the way and how to walk in it. This is only revealed by devoting time in building a relationship with Him yet even then, He sometimes will hide His pathway to have you seek His will with everything within you. Ask, seek, knock! Take heart, if you seek you will eventually find.

To understand God is to know Him as a receptor of Light. As an ear receives and understands sound and an eye receives and processes images, translating them into objects or people – God is a Receptor that receives on a frequency of thanksgiving, high praise, righteous petitions, repentance, acknowledgement of His Son and His Spirit, intercession for others and petitions for ourselves. God is a Spirit and our highest form of communication with Him is spirit to spirit.

When we accept that His Son, is His Son and the only payment for our sin debt, we pass through a glorious invisible veil to what He has for us and it is here that He delivers us the GREAT reward of His Spirit. He actually makes a way for us to have what He desires for us through Himself. God as The Triune, is completely contained in perfection.

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In the secret place is where Christ Jesus, the Anointed, will breathe on The Spirit, instructing as The Truth, teaching you the fundamental attributes of His Father, your Father – His Fatherhood and His Fatherliness through demonstrations of His infinite and immutable devotion and love for you. This love for His children is the cornerstone from which all prayer must be grounded and established. While on earth, He was the only one that addressed God as Father and He returned to make known the truth that God was and is a family man. Without the knowledge and confidence of God’s deep love there can be no trust and assurance that He desires to answer all prayers of His will. Without the knowledge and confidence of His deep love, one cannot fully accept that He is truly working things to the good for those who love Him and will walk according to His purposes. (Romans 8:28)

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So in our opening session, we have learned the following truths:

1) We need a consistently quiet place to commune with God and to hear from Him
2) The journey of prayer is lengthy as it takes time to build and develop a relationship.
3) This prayer journey must occur with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and is not a solo flight.
4) Your own spirit is now the Secret Place where He dwells. (This is a New Covenant truth.)
5) God loves His children and is a true ‘family man’ (but really a Spirit but you know what I mean). #Godisafamilyman   #GodthefirstFamilyMan

And off we go ……………………………..

Session 1     4/20/2020
Lord Teach Us To Pray

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