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Dear Father –

I praise you with thanksgiving for this day, and  for the many blessings that You have set before me.  The work of your Son is complete so as I stand from victory for my prosperity,  my safety and protection, my healing and wholeness, I hold on to the truth of Your Word.  As I look unto Jesus and in the knowledge of His perfect sacrifice, I will move forward in confidence and boldness that He is partnering with me and mediating on my behalf.  I remain fixed and focused on Jesus , relinquishing all self-occupation, fear and condemnation.

I am grateful that I have  a good, good Father that loves me with an immutable, infinite caring love. The knowledge of this great love fills me with the light of hope and happiness.  Knowing that my Father loves me and that Jesus is partnering with me in all family, career and ministry  matters,  keeps me grounded and provides a stable foundation for all areas of my life. While my sapphire foundation was established through affliction, You Lord set my gates, walls and foundation with precious stones.  Your love and kindness never depart from me and your covenant of peace and completeness will never be removed.

I have been established in righteousness and I am in right standing because  I seek to live in conformity to God’s will and His order. I am far from thoughts of oppression or certain destruction because I fully embrace the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ over my life. Righteousness, peace and victory over opposition is my heritage as a servant of my Lord  and my God. I gladly receive the reward of peace as vindication for all unrighteous acts done to me.


In the Name of Jesus I Pray – AMEN  (So be it)
Prayers of Grace –
Tracy Gatewood

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