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As I write this, it is the day after the 2020 election. As I watch the results roll in for the United States, my synapses are active and firing at high speed. I am going to slide out on a limb – sideways and slowly – and let you know what I am thinking about this crazy season in time. These observations are my own, based on experience and watching what is happening on the earth.

What first happens in the natural then happens in the spiritual. I have personally observed this a number of times, particularly while in transition. Everything breaks loose and it was my job to remain focused on the main thing: getting to the other side then setting up camp. I strongly believe the chaos surrounding the election and its results are a precursor to a very powerful spiritual event. God is cooking up something big….. really big. Chaos and confusion is the enemy’s attempt at derailing and distracting from God’s intent – it is the job of the President to get to the other side and re-establish his camp.

The United States is headed for a re-set. The Holy Spirit confirmed this to me in August, even using the term “re-set”. I confess I do not know what this will look like or how this will happen but only that it will. He is re-setting this nation in some important way. We will see how this takes shape by Him in the coming months but it will happen. November 1st, I heard Dutch Sheets deliver a powerful special message on the election. He confirmed this re-set. (I confess, I felt more confident about my own re-set word after hearing his. )
Please see Dutch Sheet’s Re-Set Proclamations from Church of His Presence – https://storage.snappages.site/3P6XPW/assets/files/2020ResetProclamations.pdf

Sheets went on to say that God must have the United States to accomplish His plans in the earth and He is determined to have it. He went on to explain how this nation was founded, and how from its inception was a Christian nation. The Chaplain on the 1607 expedition to Jamestown, Virginia, the Rev Robert Hunt, planted a cross on the soil at Cape Henry, VA after disembarking from the vessel.

Raising his hands to heaven, Rev. Robert Hunt claimed the land for country and king and consecrated the continent to the glory of God. In covenantal language he declared, “…from these very shores the Gospel shall go forth to not only this New World, but the entire world.”

(https://www1.cbn.com/churchandministry/faith-of-our-fathers%3A-spirituality-in-jamestown )

God has BIG plans – really big plans up ahead. Think harvest. One billion souls. Revival. Third Great Awakening. He wants us in place as His plan of action ushers in the end time harvest prior to the return of His Son. Can you see why we are experiencing such turmoil ? This nation is the lynchpin and the devil now has grasped the pin. Pulling it will result in one of his greatest achievements.

We are in for a fight. Although the fight appears to be over the office of the Presidency and control of the House and Senate (we focus on the person or the candidate) the fight is really for the control of the nation and the ability to have a free Church to move and be free to get this harvest in. The fight is over THE CHURCH. Satan does not want this harvest. He will pull out all the stops to derail this election. If the left wins, it will keep this Christian nation bound, its churches open to ridicule, dishonor, diminished credibility and limited power. The enemy would love nothing more than to see the Church in America dismantled and lose its authority.

Look what is happening to the Church in China. The CCP is blowing up churches, arresting parishioners who have now been forced underground, murdering pastors, burning bibles. Is this what the American church is in for in the coming years ? Although difficult to imagine, the answer is yes if we do not stand our ground.

Since last summer, I have been warning that we are in danger of Civil War or at least Civil Skirmishes that will systematically weaken our major cities. We have good reason to be concerned about rogue domestic terrorist groups enacting civil battles within our major cities. They have already been rioting with little to no pushback or restraint from city governments. There is also the subtle war that rages when democrats become mayors and governors, financially destroying these cities as they do not/ cannot create revenue – but only spend and raise taxes. Cities turn to decay and become rife with homelessness.

But back to the original Civil War – The American Civil War was fought from 1861 – 1865, its primary cause being that a confederation of states wanted to allow for African Americans to be bought and sold and used for labor in America. We know this as slavery. Slavery is and was very wrong. Highly destructive battles between the Confederacy and the Union armies were fought over strategic cities to destabilize and render them unproductive. Railroads were destroyed, bridges blown up, buildings and entire cities were burned to the ground – all towards the effort of crippling a city, rendering it helpless to protect its citizens or forward insurgency against the other side. We all have seen Gone with the Wind and the scenes of the burning of Atlanta, this heinous act compliments of General Sherman. The Civil War split the country in every way and is not something that we ever can experience again.

The end result of a win by the left will be the silencing of the Church. Their agenda will also include the destruction of currency and borders, the traumatizing of citizens, the dismantling of the economy through the destruction of small businesses which comprise 75% of the U.S. economy and much more. There is a systematic plan and the United States is the only nation standing in the way of releasing a New World Order. We can all see the beginnings of this process start to roll out. Shortage of coins. Flooding of borders from illegal immigrants. Shutting down of economy’s. Impending forced vaccinations. Closure of church’s. Its happening. We have a moral imperative to protect our democracy and allow God to leverage our nation for His purposes and for His glory all the way to the end.

We must pray and where possible, take peaceable, non-violent action. We are in a crucible. Yes, Jesus is on the throne and the righteous will not be forsaken but many men and women have fought and died for the rights that we enjoy today. It’s Ok to fight but do it right.

The Body must emerge from the shadows of the marketplace to preach and teach the true word of God to a dark and misled world. This will take courageous acts as many believers have never “come out of the closet” but it is time to let other people hear the testimony of God’s power in your life. This nation needs to witness evidence of what it looks like to have heard and been transformed by the Good News. We must show up stabilized in the knowledge of what Christ Jesus has provided through His finished work, carrying oneself in peaceful strength, armed with the blood of Jesus and our testimony, and clothed in His robe of righteousness.

Tracy Gatewood
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