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Earlier this summer, I attended a high school reunion and had a great experience, reconnecting with old friends, most unseen for many years. Conversations were filled with as many questions as could be inserted on spouses, children, careers, parents – attempting to hit as many high points as possible before the inevitable close of the weekend’s events.

One conversation I was having with a former classmate turned toward the topic of health. This woman was a lean runner and looked a good 15 years younger than her current age. I mentioned that I was not on any medications, and she turned and looked at me with that deer in the headlights look and commented, “I bet only 1% of the people here can say that!”  This was very surprising and something I had never considered. Her response has caused me to consider sharing a routine that I believe serves as my daily health maintenance. This is a formula anyone can access.

But first I would like to make a point. There is a difference between Fit and Healthy. You certainly can have both however people that are fit can also be taking a handful of pills every day. People that are fit can be shooting their face with Botox. Although a person may look fit and be strong, this does not necessarily qualify them as healthy. Because I am healthy and walk in divine health, I have the ability to become fit – because I have my health to get there.

In the spirit of full disclosure – I may not be described as FIT however, I am healthy and know what I need to do to regain my Fit-Ness. (Start my running routine again). It is a personal priority to not take medications and strive to live whole in body and mind. As we learned in my previous post, wholeness and soundness are benefits that come from God and from His delivering hand of salvation. The photo below is me with a “would be” FIT body. A fit person could look like this and still be popping all shapes and sizes of medications (For the record, this is a cut out stand located in a Mexican restaurant. I do not drink Corona or even beer).

Tracy Chiquita

The following are a few disciplines and ones that I believe to be central to having and maintaining good health:

1) Connect with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit on a daily basis through a morning devotional and bible reading. There is no substitute for spending time with God and it is a non negotiable part of walking in divine health. The knowledge that God loves us immutably and unshakeably and is working on our behalf in all circumstances is the rebar in the foundation that is necessary to walk out each day. God’s unconditional love for you is infinite and He is the Creator of you AND the Universe. He is All Power. He sees everything happening in your life and you must pray and petition Him in your circumstances.

2) That your acceptance of Jesus as the Son of God places you in right standing with God. You are righteous if you acknowledge that Jesus took a debt of sin that you could never pay because He is Deity and Himself the Son of God. The knowledge of the work of the sacrifice of Christ while embracing His sacrifice is the Gateway to Wholeness and Soundness. You not only have salvation but you should have the knowledge of what He has done for you but there is one more piece –

3) The Holy Spirit holds the place for the understanding of your health. He is essential for walking in divine health. The Holy Spirit is the Divine Deliverer and holds the keys to health as the Administrator and Coordinator of the Eternal Covenant that Jesus paid to give you. I have a lengthy journey of how the Holy Spirit showed that He was the One that holds the Key to a person’s mind but think of it this way. If your mind was an Etch A Sketch pad, He can come in and pull up that thin piece of film and zip out all of your unrighteous thinking but you must know how to open the door for Him to move in that way.

4) Almost every disease has a spiritual root cause. I have studied the spiritual root cause of disease for over 20 years and this is the most true yet least taught truth in healing. Most disease starts first in The Mind. Your mind is a portal for great things or for destructive things. Fear is the portal and gateway through which every unrighteous thought walks onto its red carpet -jealousy, anxiety, condemnation, shame, abuse, bitterness. Fear kills more people than Cancer. Fear is Cancer and consumes individuals and entire families like a raging fire. It is total destruction and will first hit the mind then like a pinball – ricochets, striking then damaging and altering organs, joints, and body systems.

Extreme, protracted Fear alters the body down to the cellular level. Trauma is a protracted experience, different than Terror which is typically a short burst of extreme fear. Trauma is an experience. Traumatic events wreak havoc on an individual and can change the entire trajectory of someone’s life by wrecking the health of the individual going through it. Major diseases can emerge from cells that were impacted years prior. Divorce, death, shaming, major transitioning events all qualify as traumatic events. Trauma, the highest degree of Fear, is Enemy Number One.

5) When you pray you can speak directly to your body and command to heal in very specific ways. This is a lengthy topic, too long for a blog post, but it is very important that the body is free of fear and at a state of rest when fighting illness, conditions or disease.

Twice I have been broken almost beyond recognition then taken through the experience of restoration, being rebuilt brick by brick or more appropriately up practically from the cellular level. At times I could barely breathe my emotional pain was so excruciating. My book, Doorways of Grace: My Uncommon Journey to Healing, Wholeness and Meeting Jesus describes many of these experiences so I will not recount them now but please understand, I teach what I have walked out.

Medicine Cabinet
My “medicine cabinet” is a pink and green bag consisting of a number of books, critical “pills” that do surgery into my soul (the mind, will and emotions) penetrating my body through spiritual surgical proceedings by the guided hand of the Holy God of Israel and the breath of the Holy Spirit.

I know God heals when true understanding of these principles are embraced 1) Peace has been eternally bequeathed to us as a gift from Jesus for all who believe in Him. Because you have the title deed to peace, you can own and experience it in your circumstances 2) When Christ’s sacrifice is fully acknowledged and the Holy Spirit called into action, He acts as the “spirit wrangler” and like a WWE wrestler, will take down any unrighteous thinking that is plaguing a Believer 3) Unforgiveness, if not dealt with, will open a portal of hell into a person’s mind. One can expect a steady stream of fiery darts from the enemy that will torment, hinder and distract. Forgive, move forward and depend on God to be your Defender. He is Jehovah Nissi. I do not minimize how difficult this can be for people that have gone through extreme betrayal as I have – forgiving does not negate or embrace the other parties wrong doing, but offers the person over to God and trusts that He will repay in His own way, time and season.

We all have stressors and challenges that occur over which we have no control. Each day I pray Psalm 91 aloud as if my very life depended on speaking it.  I will not neglect this discipline. I also incorporate the prayer of Jabez, Psalm 122: 6-9 praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and Deuteronomy 9 that acknowledges that the power of wealth comes from the Lord so that He may establish His covenant on the earth. The world covenant here can also be substituted for ‘culture’ – that God wants to establish His Kingdom and His culture here on the earth.

But back to Psalm 91. I have been praying this Psalm for years. Train your children, your parents and your spouse to speak this aloud every single day. It is God’s Prayer for Protection for His Saints and when you embrace that God’s Word has true Power and can change the course of evil, along with the Blood of Jesus which is a Fortress, you are protected. The understanding of this principle brings peace and rest to the mind. Rest in Peace. Rest in the arms of Jesus and the truth that He is in you and you are in Him. You are God’s Beloved and here you can rest in the safest place on earth.

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