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I think alot. This is probably what makes me a good strategist, non-fiction writer, master builder but for whatever reason God created me like this – to think ….. alot. It is sport for me to dismantle ideas and concepts; taking them apart and putting them back together in my mind to make them more efficient, faster, smarter. This “sport” also spills over into the way I consider spiritual concepts like prayer, healing, and the body, a subject that I have studied for two decades. There are few things that fascinate me more than prayer, emotional healing, the body and the mind. If I haven’t thought it I have probably read it from someone else. Thinkers tend to be voracious readers –

To that end, some of what I am about to write I can take little credit. The dots that were connected from the knowledge that I do have on this particular topic over to the Ah Ha! was a pure download from the Holy Spirit; a “Rolex Revelation” that floated into my spirit from The Spirit of Grace. I release it here now in hopes that it will help someone.

For many years I have had an active hobby of studying the mind, and negative emotions and how they impact the physical body. Not only have I walked through several seasons of illness into healing, but like everyone, I have watched at close range others struggle from trauma, fear, etc into disease. The primary culprits of long term emotional distress into physical impairment are: Trauma, Shame, Abuse, Protracted Fear / Terror, Rejection / Abandonment. These negative emotions typically emanate from harsh situations such as death, divorce, prolonged job loss, extreme financial lack, and shaming.  If left unchecked or remain unaddressed – these negative emotions begin to terrorize the physical body. You have the ability to bind these negative emotion “terrorists” – really spirits – before they become like metal balls in a pinball machine, bouncing throughout the body creating dis-ease, conditions and infirmities.

I have particularly noticed when a traumatic experience converts into a cancer as the human cells actually absorb or “take in” the trauma becoming damaged. I personally have walked through this in 2012 when a Stage 4 melanoma mole erupted onto my forearm following a highly traumatic season of protracted job loss and related rejection(s), even from a close fellowship with which I had been associated. It was a brutal season to say the least.

But this is not the Rolex Revelation – the Piece de Resistance that the Spirit laid on me regarding emotions, the mind and body and how to bind up / and control these spirits through The Spirit went much further and for the rest I am mostly a messenger –

When parents and grandparents experience significant seasons of trial and testing, oftentimes these valleys unsurprisingly hold the same result by producing severely negative impacts on their physical body. Unforgiveness, divorce, death of a spouse or child, bankruptcy or foreclosure, addiction cycles – parents go through situations at times of which even their children are unaware. These difficulties can and frequently do leave physical conditions. Arthritis, heart disease, cancer, colitis – an endless list of conditions spring from what started as a hardship that spawned negative emotions that lingered, and festered and lingered some more.

                Fear is the most damaging of all and is the root of the others.

These same illnesses are believed by the medical community to have the ability to be inherited, ie that same child is now “genetically pre-disposed” to a particular illness that a parent acquired when he / she refused to deliver their package of circumstances to Christ the Healer;  the Healer of all things; finances, relationships, health.

If a parent has onset of a particular condition, disease or infirmity that came through the mind (extreme negative emotions) and into the body, that child should not be pre-disposed to this same illness UNLESS the child mirrors the same negative reaction that moved their parent into that condition in the first place. If your parent or grandparent went through a divorce (trauma), or suffered an extreme loss of any kind (more trauma) and then developed a physical condition (unrelated to an accident and typically not structural but can be) then you are not at risk for developing this disease. Also, and even more importantly, if you are in Christ, then Christ is in You! You now possess the power to overcome severely toxic negative emotions through the Blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s power.

So what is the solution? I realize what I am about to write will sound very simplistic given life’s extraordinary obstacles. Step #1 is the continual and persistent management of fear and other deadly emotions through new covenant prayer and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus by the Holy Spirit over the mind of a righteous person to erase torment.  You must ask the Holy Spirit to sprinkle the blood over your mind. There is nothing more holy than the blood of Jesus nor more powerful.

Once the mind is stabilized, then and only then, the brain and spirit can begin to rein in the circumstances. One needs to listen to and follow the Spirit’s leading out of these woods and onto the correct path. The ever present understanding of the immutable love of God and belief that He is working on our behalf provides needed peace and security in every storm; Tropical or Category 5 hurricane.

I have walked through two Cat 5 level hurricanes of circumstances, both occurring within a 10 year span. These were life altering but over time – life improving. The first Cat 5 I was in boot camp learning God as Father as well as Phase 1 on how to hear from the Holy Spirit. Had I not gone through the first storm I would never have survived the second which was worse. I suffered PTSD after these two storms but with the help of God successfully navigated out.  I can say without reservation the most stabilizing stance for anyone is to have a very close relationship with Jesus, having Him as the very foundation of life where here there is always a doctor in the house.

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