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Cover: Doorways of Grace; Photo Cred. Allison P. Adams

This is a prayer series for the opening of Doorways of Grace for my readers in 2018;  praying into specific topics in this the Year of the Open Door, Hebrew Year 5778. You can follow this prayer series and my blog at http://www.sacredramblings.com

I Pray For You This Year  –

that a Doorway of Grace will open in 2018, which brings peace in your career. You will find the appropriate place in your current organization or for a door to swing toward a better opportunity. You will transition to a place of abundant provision that embraces your unique Holy Spirit deposited skills, gifts and talents. I pray for a special welcoming place where you will be surrounded with like – minded people with whom you compliment.

That the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord will confirm and establish the work of your hands.  That you will prosper in the land and gain promotion and influence within your organization and throughout your community. That the skill and excellence in your craft will bring you before leaders, kings, authorities in high places.

When you pray prayers of protection for Israel and Jerusalem and have understanding of the desire of God for its peace and prosperity (Psalm 122), He, too, will prosper you. The Blessing of God on your life will be evident as you walk in happiness, prosperity and admired by many.

That you learn to see Jesus Christ high above every circumstance, in the mountains and in the valleys, and that you train your mind to instinctively default to Him in faith and with expectancy, until He activates His covenant of supply and protection. That you will earnestly remember the Lord your God daily as He provides, as He is the One that gives the power to get wealth so that His covenant may be established by and through you upon the Earth.

Through forces of Uncommon Favor, I pray for God to swing wide a door that gently delivers you with joyful clapping and singing into the field of your expertise, and into His hearts desire for you. Through prayer and intimacy with Him for you to have no fear and accept the signs of seasons ending and welcome new possibilities consistent with His design for your life.   AMEN  (So be it)

Psalm 90:17 AMP And let the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord our God be upon us; confirm and establish the work of our hands – yes the work of our hands, confirm and establish it.

Tracy L Gatewood
2018 All Rights Reserved  Doorways of Grace
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