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americanflag2015Most Merciful and Loving Father –

We come before you with praise and thanksgiving for the many blessings that you have bestowed on us, on our families on our communities and on our great nation. We thank you for placing us in this time and season of history because we know that your divine timing is perfect and You make no mistakes. Your ways are as pure as they are wise and your ways are as good as they are wise and pure and ALL of your actions are done for Your glory.

Today I petition for your help for our nation the United States of America. This beautiful country which was crafted by your hands through men and women placed in a holy crucible, as they were led by your spirit to form this nation. Lord we ask you for your mercy on us as we again come to a crossroad of opinions and agendas. I ask you to blow the smoke away from the nation and set a right order, your order – within every official – coming in or departing.  Show them the way – the right and honorable way – to lead during these times. I ask that You please move to restore order to our communities and across this Land with speed.

You are the Almighty –  El Elyon –  and as those who believe seek you in the Secret Place, we know that we remain stable and fixed under your protection, while covered underneath the shadow of your power.  We call out the death spirits of LAWLESSNESS and FEAR and command them by the power of Jesus Name and by our authority in the Blood of Jesus that these spirits be bound and silenced across our communities and this nation. We accept our duty as Holy Warriors of the Kingdom to exercise our abilities to defeat demonic forces through spiritual means by taking our authority in prayer to dismantle their assaults. We also call on angelic forces to surround our communities and bring them to order. We ask that in Jesus Name. I decree a bloodline of protection around my city, my state and our nation from these demonic spiritual attacks.

In these uncommon times Lord, we ask for uncommon levels of GRACE – for you to show yourself as Mighty, calming the hearts of the people and showing them that your hand is on this hour for all people, not just the ones that claim you as Lord.  We pray that quivering hearts and minds will turn toward you in this hour and claim your truths afresh rather than defaulting to fear and the fearful tactics of anger, rage and even murder.

We need you Father here in America. We depend on You to navigate our nation through supernatural means to extricate our government away from the precipice of economic destruction due to $20 trillion dollars of debt.  We depend on You for wisdom in how to make determinations on people that have moved into this country by illegal means.  We depend on Your wisdom Lord to shine the light on all of the major social issues that are consuming the minds of the American people and to assist our leaders in making these profoundly impactful decisions. We cannot move ahead successfully without you, Father. We must have your strength, your power and the wisdom that comes through You from above.

Hope defined is a confident expectation of good in every situation. Please restore HOPE and CONFIDENCE in the people of America, reminding each one of the great things that you have done in past times. Remind them that You are God – and Republicans and Democrats are not nor will ever be. That You alone direct the water courses of Kings and Nations and that work in this Nation will glorify You or change can occur with no notice to insure your will is done. We ask for your Spirit to lead our Nation to a balance of HOPE and RESTORED ORDER beginning now, today. Shut the mouths of the slanderers, mockers and gossipers who are filled with hate and who are stoking the flames of fear among the people. Quench the fire of the Religious and Fan the Flame of anointing in people that are in true authentic relationship with Jesus. Draw people to your Word for Truth and Knowledge, away from political pundits and mere men that cannot properly discern these times and seasons.  Give your people 20/ 20 Vision in the Realm of the Spirit to see what you want us to see and to help those that cannot see You in these circumstances and have them help without judgment.

Now to the people listening – I speak to every spirit of Fear and I rebuke you in Jesus Name. Jesus bequeathed peace to everyone that claimed a relationship with Him and I release Peace into your mind. Jesus bore a crown of thorns on His head that drew the blood that Purchased peace in our minds for all of mankind so by the power and authority that I have in the Name of Jesus and By the Blood of Jesus – I bind up Fear and I release Peace, and Calm. I decree that the Tormenter be Silenced in Jesus Name.

God Bless You and  May God Bless America. AMEN.